Freakin’ hot!

On 2014/05/30, in Diary, by tsunoda

Saitama is very hot today. It is actually 31 degree celsius in my house.

(It is 87.8 degree fahrenheit.)

I turned on the air-conditioner for the first time on this year…


Let me introduce my girlfriend.

On 2014/05/29, in Diary, by tsunoda

Hi guys,


I have a girlfriend. Let me introduce her today.


I got to know her at SNS and we live together. She works as a manicurist.

We going to Ikebukuro tonight because of her work. (She sometimes make a business trip)


Android apps can take photos with your phone in background. Detail as follows.


btw… I got Nexus5 last week.xD


Take the exam of TOEIC the third time.

On 2014/05/27, in Diary, by tsunoda

I’ll take the TOEIC exam for the third time on July 27.

I aim to get over 500 (points) on this exam!



On 2014/05/26, in Diary, by tsunoda

I just happened to buy this one!



Hokkaido Travel.

On 2014/04/01, in Diary, by tsunoda

I went to travel in Hokkaido with work friend and girl friend, and it is going to be four days and three nights trip.

while on a trip I played snow board, got in to a hot spring, etc.
And I had a drink in night with everyone.

That was a very satisfying trip!


English training 2.

On 2014/03/24, in Diary, by tsunoda


The other day, I had English training. (Is the second time.)

I took a lesson together with the other three co-worker.

I was taught mainly how to write an e-mail this time.

I will review it on my blog when I have time.


Technology Rader was updated.

On 2014/02/05, in Technical, by tsunoda

Technology Rader was updated.
I think, It’s a best way in understanding the technology trends.



On 2014/01/22, in Diary, by tsunoda

It’s good to see you again.


This blog is made with WordPress.

Because of that I received many spam comments.


Today, I logged into the WP control panel.

Then I received 30 spam comments xD



On 2013/12/09, in Diary, by tsunoda

I went to the dentist to have my tooth pulled.

I am not in good condition because of that.


I think we should take good care of our teeth:(