English traning conversation.

On 2014/06/15, in English, by tsunoda

Next thursday, I scheduled English training conversation. I should preparing 5 minute presentation of free theme until it.

I will talk about the theme of introduce me. I should create slide, think the sentence, and memorize it.


I have a lot of things to attend to! xD


English training tool(2)

On 2014/06/11, in English training tool, by tsunoda

I will introduce lang-8.


lang-8 is correction to the my English. I will corrections also this post.




Birth day!

On 2014/06/09, in Diary, by tsunoda

By the way,it was my birthday yesterday. I’m 29 years old. I went to Karaoke with my girl friend!




I messed up at work.

On 2014/06/06, in Diary, by tsunoda

I had a scheduled skype meeting this morning. I overslept and missed it….
I need to brace myself to deal with the fallout.


English training tool(1)

On 2014/06/05, in English training tool, by tsunoda

Hi guys,


I will introduce the my English study tool in this category. I think iKnow is great way to remember the English word. It will teaching pronunciation of words, spelling and how to use.

But it is paid…




Today’s dinner.

On 2014/06/04, in Diary, by tsunoda

Today’s dinner.



miso soup with tofu

fried vegetables

ginger‐fried pork

cucumber dressed with sesame sauce





On 2014/06/03, in Diary, by tsunoda

From now on, I’ll write a diary entry every day in order to improve my English. I think the most important thing is writing here with regularity. And therefor posted article will boring.

This is the personal diary only!


Twitter widget.

On 2014/06/02, in Diary, by tsunoda

I deployed twitter widget to right space of my blog. I’m using the Tweetswind in this.
It’s can be introduced most easily Twitter widget. xD




slight haedache

On 2014/06/01, in 未分類, by tsunoda

I have a slight haedache… I’m going to sleep early today.


Working at the cafe.

On 2014/05/31, in Diary, by tsunoda

Almost every day, I’m working at home. But it is sometimes boring. So sometimes I’m working at the cafe for change of pace.