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I had English training conversation on last week.
Below is manuscript.

Good evening everyone. Today’s let’s introduce oneself and my English training tool.

My name is Yuichi Tsunoda, but most people call me Yaeger in English conversation. Because I have a friend named Yuichiro. So I call oneself Yaeger to prevent confusion.

I turned 29 years old on last week. I know I’m getting old. Because the candles cost more than the cake.

I’m working as a freelance system engineer. Basically working at home and sometimes working at other place.
It’s cafe, bar, restaurant. This picture is my favourite cafe.

I like TV game and playing guitar. sometimes I played Rocksmith by PlayStation3. Rocksmith is TV game to using real guitar.

And I’m studying English on spare time, because sometimes I need to use it at work. And it for fun of course.

The next. Let’s introduce my English training tools.

No.1 iKnow

I think iKnow is great way to remember the English word. It will teaching pronunciation of words, spelling and how to use.
But it is paid…

No.2 Blog and Lang-8

Sometimes, I wrote diary on the blog. I posted to blog and posted to lang-8 at the same time.
Lang-8 was correcting my English.

No.3 English cafe

I think this site is better to learn the English grammar. It is written logically.


I’m going to exam TOEIC every half year. But I don’t study for TOEIC. take a high scores is not meaning.
I’ll take the TOEIC exam for the third time on July 27.

That’s all. Thank you for your attention.
Do you have any questions?


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